How do I get married at Santa Rita Jail?

Mobile Notary Group is a mobile notary and wedding business based out of Pleasanton, California.  With our current staff of notaries and wedding officiants we offer inmate wedding services to the following institutions: Santa Rita Jail, Glenn E. Dyer Jail, and FCI Dublin (women’s federal prison in Dublin).

We take pride in helping families and inmates through some of the most important decisions of their lives! There are many reasons people consider getting married to someone who is incarcerated.  Some marry to legitimize their children, for security, love, financial reasons, to be stationed closer to home, family visitations, and more.

If you would like more information on how to get married at Santa Rita Jail, or any other correctional facility we provide our services at, please visit our website for more information: www.mobilenotarygroup.com.

The first step in the marriage process is always to submit the wedding party form at the jail you would like to be married at (you request this from Inmate Services).  Submitting the wedding party form to the jail will put you in their wedding cue.  Getting a ceremony date could take up to 4 weeks, and sometimes, it takes longer.   Once you are in the wedding cue for the jail, you can contact us and submit a wedding order form to us (you must submit our wedding order form to us to be placed in our cue; it can be downloaded from our website under “order forms“).  You can also download it here. After you have submitted a wedding party form to the jail and a wedding order form to us, we will take care of the marriage process from you from start to finish. We are competitively priced and have did over 1000 inmate signings in Alameda County.

Our wedding services include the complete administration and coordination of your wedding between the jail, our notaries and wedding officiants.  This includes one of our notaries going out to the correctional facility to obtain both signatures for the marriage license form.  It also includes two visits from our wedding officiant.  The wedding officiant will first meet you at the County Clerk’s Office to pay for your marriage license (approximately $91) and to pick up and hold your license until your wedding date is received from the jail. The wedding officiant then meets you again (this could take 4 weeks or more) on your ceremony date with your witness(es).

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if the inmate has a court date in the future and we are unaware if he/she will be there to get married.

If you order services with us and the inmate gets transferred to another jail, we will have a wedding officiant travel to that jail to complete your wedding.  We do not give refunds to our customers due to the unpredictability of the inmate’s status/court dates, etc. We have had many inmates get released and have completed their marriages outside of the jail.  Bottom line is, there are no refunds, once you submit a wedding order form to us and we start working on your marriage, you can only reschedule it, regardless of what happens to the inmate.

2. What if I need to get married ASAP (before a certain court date)?

You cannot schedule a notary visit around a court appointment.  We can always try to go in and get your document notarized before the inmate’s court date. We do not perform marriages during visiting appointments because it is prohibited by the Alameda County Sheriff/Santa Rita Jail. You have to submit a wedding party form, and your specific wedding date has to be approved, and you must get a background check along with your witness(es) in order to get married within the jail.

3. What if I only need to notarize the marriage license affidavit (Inability to Appear) form?

We do offer a standalone service for individuals who only need the marriage license notarized.  Please call us for rates.

4. What if I’ve been incarcerated before at Santa Rita Jail?

Santa Rita Jail does have the right to deny your wedding ceremony request if you have any convictions or have been an inmate there.


3 comments on “How do I get married at Santa Rita Jail?

  1. Its really nice posting. I think it would be helpful for all. Thank you for sharing with us.
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  2. Are you performing same sex marriages now that prop 8 has been (rightly so) stuck down by the supreme court ? I will attempt to get a wedding form, but I was held in custody there over 10 yrs ago. I think as a transfer inmate heading to state prison. No trouble since;)

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