Order an Apostille

Examples of common documents that require authentication:

Birth, marriage, and death certificates, power of attorney, notarized letter, statement, or affidavit, divorce degree, diploma, degree transcripts, passport, drivers license copy, adoption dossier, trademarks, corporation documents, etc.

(fees include notary fees, document processing, travel, FedEx and State fees)

Type of Document Apostille Service Fee
1 document; regular service takes 5-10 days
Certified Birth/Marriage Certificate $135
Certified Divorce Decree $135
Death Certificate $135
Power of Attorney $135
School Transcripts, Diploma, Degree $135
Other notarized document $135
Adoption Dossier $450

Each additional document is $30.00

Expedited Services are also available (3-5 days)  – $100 for courier

Discounts available for bulk signings

Visit our website for more information:  www.mobilenotarygroup.com

To order Apostille Services, please call 925-400-7192 

Steps to getting an Apostille:

1.       Call the notary to go over which documents you need notarized and to schedule an appointment to meet.

2.       Meet with the notary at a local Starbucks (or office if you’re a business); bring the required documents and your valid ID

3.       The notary will notarize your documents and get additional information from you during your appointment

4.       Pay the notary (by credit card, or cash)

5.       The notarized & apostilled documents will arrive at your home or business within either 3-5 days (rush service) or 5-10 days (regular service) via FedEx.

Why should you work with M.N.G.?
Sending documents internationally can be time consuming, complicated and costly if not done correctly.  It is important to choose entrust in one that will quickly and accurately administer your documents for Apostille or Certification.

Our services are always efficient or the return trip is on us.
Some services require you to travel to their office or possibly even put your document at risk by using courier services.  We pick up an drop off your documents each and every time.  Most Apostilles can be completed in 3 to 5 business days.


2 comments on “Order an Apostille

  1. can we get married at our home in discovery bay,ca? no ceremony,just the paperwork (we are getting remarried, to the same person). we will have a marriage licence.sometime in october 2012.thank you

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